DevKit: Handwriting Recognition Demo

Interested in what’s possible with a sensor-equipped ballpoint pen?

The Handwriting Recognition Demo is a free Android app that showcases the current recognition capabilities. It runs on phones and tablets with at least Android 7. All you need is a DigiPen and a fast and stable internet connection.

Download: Directly from Google Play
1. This is a beta version with limited computational resources. Questions or feedback? Contact us!
2. The system has been developed and tested with right-handed persons. Left-handers might experience slightly worse recognition rates.
3. Only the letters “A…Za…zÄÖÜäöüß” can be recognized. No numbers or punctuation yet.

The app (and more importantly: the recognition algorithms) are being updated and improved regularly.

The way the app does the recognition is user-dependent. This means any user has to provide labelled training data (by copying words and sentences) that can be recorded within the same app. Afterwards, a personal recognizer can be trained. The more training data you provide, the better the recognizer becomes.

Before recognizing handwriting, you have to specify a dictionary. The system can only recognize words that are part of the dictionary. The smaller the dictionary, the better the recognition works. The app provides a couple of sample dictionaries of different sizes. Alternatively, you can manually add custom words or even new dictionaries.

After each recognized word, you have the opportunity confirm or improve the output. If you’re doing this, you can – in turn – use these words as training data to build an even better model afterwards.