DevKit Downloads

Hello Digipen Development Kit user!

On this page we provide apps, code and documentation for you to download.
To learn about the content and possibilities with the DevKit, read our DevKit introduction.

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Check back regularly to find updated downloads!


  • DevKit DemoApp (V1.5.2, May 2022): A simple app to make your start with the DevKit really easy. It shows you how to connect the Digipen to an Android device via Bluetooth Low Energy, how to stream sensor data, how to save the data to a csv file, how to conduct the calibration and more. It’s open source and extensively documented.
  • Sensor Channels (as computed by our SensorFusion 1.0 in Digipens with FW<2.7): A list with sensor channels to be streamed from the pen. Along with the sensors’ raw signals, you can choose angle, quaternion, normalized values, estimated tip position and more.