How to use the Pen

Switching the Pen on and off

The cap is used to switch the pen on and off. It depresses a small contact switch which sits right behind the writing tip on the lower side of the pen. When the cap is pulled, the pen starts the booting process and advertises itself to nearby BLE devices as soon as booting is finished. Please note that the cap only needs to be pulled straight from the pen body and no twisting is necessary.

To switch the pen off, simply reverse this procedure. When the cap is put on the pen, the switch will be activated and switches the pen off. Make sure the cap is oriented properly as it will only fit in one orientation. Also make sure that the cap locks into place which is indicated by a slight click.

The on-off switch is shown below:

Charging the Pen

The pen has on its rear end a USB micro socket hidden under a flexible cover. Peel the cover away and you will see the socket. The cover cannot get lost because it is permanently attached to the pen via a flexible lanyard. Connect the pen with any regular USB charger with 5V output and charge until the LED on the bottom of the pen turns from orange to green. The pen may be charged in on or off mode; as soon as the cable is inserted it will switch to charging mode and no longer connect to a BLE device.

Refill Change

If the pen runs out of ink, it can be refilled. The refill is a special part which has been developed for use in the Digipen, so make sure the replacement is sourced from STABILO. In order to exchange refills, pull the grip part of the pen forward. It is snap-fitted to the pen barrel and slides off easily once the snap-fit has been unlocked. See the pictures below for illustration of the procedure. The new refill should glide easily into place. We decided to mount the refill spring on the refill side instead of in the grip part because then threading the tip through the spring (which would be hard to do) is not necessary.

Resetting the Pen

In the unlikely event that the pen firmware locks up, reset the pen by activation of an internal cut-off switch. This switch is located on the rear end right below the USB socket. For resetting, peel away the USB cover and insert a small wire in the hole below the USB socket. Only push until you feel a slight resistance – a few millimeters will suffice.