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Research Program: KIHT

Kaligo-based Intelligent Handwriting Teacher (KIHT)

The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent learning device for automatic writing, composed of existing components, which can be made available to as many students as possible.

Participants are:

The basis is the “Kaligo” application from the French company Learn&Go, which until now has been dependent on expensive tablet computers with a dedicated writing device and requires writing on the capacitive touchscreen. Due to the high acquisition costs of various individual components, these learning aids have not been able to hold their own on the market to date.

The fusion of the electronic “DigiPen” from the STABILO company and the Kaligo app is intended to make precisely this possible: A cost-effective learning aid for the development of automated handwriting from which as many children as possible can benefit. In addition, the Digipen not only enables the use of commercially available tablets, but also writing on normal paper, which is a great advantage for the children’s writing development.

The French research institute IRISA, and more specifically the Intuidoc team, aims to carry out re-search on AI algorithms to automatically generate the on-line handwritten plot from signals produced by digital pen sensors, while the German institute ITIV, part of the KIT, is studying different concepts to integrate AI algorithms adapted to embedded hardware. In this way, the complexity of the overall system is distributed over both software and hardware, enabling fast and efficient AI execution.

The objective is to enable online reconstruction of the pen trace from the digipen sensor data. A practical test with a demonstration system should prove the success of the work at the end of the three-year project.


Here is the Intuidoc page on the KIHT project.